Math word problems for kids - Easy math word problems for kids with answers

Math problem solving examples for elementary

Discover the best way to enhance your kid’s mental math skills with our math word problems for kids. As a matter of fact, these easy math word problems for kids with answers will provide you with a daily practice of fun captivating word problems in all areas of math.

As we know, sometimes in real life, your kids will need to solve math problems like determining the price of an item on sale, calculating how many miles are left to arrive at a destination, etc.

As such, our aim to build remarkable problem solving skills in your kids have motivated us to design a whole lot of math problem solving examples for elementary classes from pre-k up to grade 6. These skills demand proper attention from the earliest grades, and throughout their lives.

Most importantly, you’ll find here very simple and short math problem solving steps and strategies in every concept. Hence, as they go through these strategies, they will become proficient in quick solving both real life and classroom math problems.

How to make math word problems for kids easy, fun and enjoyable

Our endeavor in this amazing resource has been focused on how to make math word problems for kids easy, fun and enjoyable.

In the first place, we have used very simple and familiar language in formulating these real life problems. Thus we expect your kids to easily read and quickly tell what the problem is asking them to do.

Secondly, our key words are clear and simple enough to attract kid’s attention. As these key words are helpful to indicate math operations, we require kids to always underline them when reading the problem.

Most importantly, you’ll be provided with just the best of all solving strategies in every concept of all grades.