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Fractions of a number word problems - Fifth Grade

Fractions word problems with answers

Here is an amazing resource provided to make mastering fractions of a number word problems grade 5 simple for your kids. While taking into consideration the mental level of your 5th graders, we have designed these fractions word problems with answers in very simple and familiar language so that they will easily understand.

Thus, the only thing we require of them to do here is to answer and interpret word problems where fractional figures are to be multiplied by whole numbers.

Most importantly as you’ll find out here, these fractions of whole number problems have been set to illustrate how fractions relate to so many contexts in everyday situations. Thus, your 5th graders will tend to understand fractions in different real life context and in different ways.

What is the best way to solve fractions of a numbers word problems grade 5?

Available in this great resource are ready made solutions to what is the best way to solve fractions of whole numbers word problems grade 5?

To solve such problems, we first of all need to read and understand the problem for better interpretation.

Next, write out your fraction and the whole number with a multiplication sign in the middle. This is because when we say “fractions of a number”, the “of” simply means multiplication.

Now, write the whole number as a fraction, by making “1” its denominator. Hence, you now have two fractions to multiply.

Thus, multiply the numerators as well as the denominators. Finally, simplify your answer if need be. And if your answer is an improper fraction, convert it to a mixed number.

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