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Estimation word problems - Sixth Grade

6th grade estimation word problems with solutions and answers

Find the easiest ways here of solving estimation word problems grade 6. For the fact that we usually practice estimation skills in real life even without realizing, is a way to acknowledge its importance. As such, we have done well to design very interesting 6th grade estimation word problems with solutions and answers, helping your kids to learn effective ways of how and when to calculate estimation problems.

As your kid’s continue to practice our estimation word problems, they’ll discover a number of motivating reasons why estimation skills are so important in math and real life. For instance, having gained estimation skills, your kids will be able to determine the reasonableness of an answer.

Also, with good estimation skills, their mental math skills will be enhanced as they’ll now quickly arrive at reasonable solutions to most problems in real life, some of which include; counting numbers, measuring the length, breadth, or other dimensions of a place, totaling the amount in a bill, etc.

Basic rules for estimating problems in math and real life

In a bid to offer your kids perfect estimation skills, we have put down basic rules for estimating problems in math and real life.

First of all, to estimate a number, we need to round off that number so that its calculations become very easy and accurate to an extent. To round a number off, you need to determine the place value to use for a particular problem you want to estimate. For example, if you wanted to estimate the total cost of several different grocery items, you would want to round to the nearest tens place because it is money.

Moreover, you’re advised to round up by one if the digit to the left of the digit you're rounding to is five or larger. Round down by one if it is four or less. For example, if you are rounding to the nearest 10 and your number is 63, you would round down to 60.

Finally, now that your numbers end in five or zero, you can easily do mental math to solve problems that requires either addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.

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