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Fractions of a number word problems Grade 3 - Third Grade

Fractions of amounts word problems

Use these fractions of a number word problems to teach your kids how to multiply fractions by whole numbers. However, this activity will test your 3rd graders understanding of fractions and multiplication.

Of equal importance, you’ll discover the fastest ways to solve fractions of amounts word problems only in this great resource. As we can recall, a fraction tells you how many parts of a whole there are. So in a bid to solve fractions of an amount, we will discover how much that part is worth within the whole.

This activity is excellent for guiding kids in quickly calculating fractions in measurements, amounts, length, time, etc. For instance, we will often calculate the new price in a shop when given a discount.

Simple methods for solving fraction of a number word problems

Below here are simple methods for solving fraction of a number word problems.

Before you begin solving, read the word problem carefully at least twice to have a perfect understanding. Next, set up a multiplication equation consisting of a whole number and a fraction.

When this is done, multiply the numerator of the fraction by the whole number, but keep the denominator the same

Finally, simplify the fraction where necessary.

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