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Fractions of a whole word problems - Third Grade

Word problems involving fractions with solution

Enhance your kid’s fractions of a whole word problem-solving skills with this outstanding fractions resource. Moreover, we have provided a perfect guide for fast solving word problems involving fractions with solutions just for your kids. 

As a matter of fact proficiency with fractions is an essential foundation for solving fractions problems in real life and learning more advanced mathematics such as algebra and many more.

Now, moving on to how to solve fractions of a whole word problems, we must note that whenever we divide a whole (e.g., one orange, pizza) into parts, each portion acquired is usually referred to as a fraction.

How to solve fractions of whole word problems 3rd grade

Given that fractions are frequently used in so many real-life situations, it is important that your kids learn how to solve fractions of whole word problems 3rd grade effectively

Firstly, we must recall that we present a fraction as one whole number called the numerator over another whole number called the denominator. So, when faced with word problem situations, you need to;

Subtract the “number of parts” you have, need, or want from the “total number of equal parts.”

Next, when you get your answer (difference), make it the numerator, while “total number of equal parts” becomes the denominator.

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