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Comparing numbers using multiplication word problems grade 3 - Third Grade

Multiplicative comparison word problems 3rd grade

Grab the simplest ways of comparing numbers using multiplication word problems grade 3. Before we continue, we must first of all understand what multiplicative comparison word problems 3rd grade rally means. It involves comparing two quantities such that when one is multiplied by a particular number, the other is produced.

Having said that, we have designed super fun comparing numbers multiplication word problems to excite and captivate kids’ attention so they can solve these problems tirelessly.

Also, they will learn how to interpret multiplication equations as a comparison.

Moreover, after a complete mastery of solving these multiplication problems, your kids will fully understand that they can use multiplicative comparisons to solve real-world problems, such as calculating prizes, measurements, etc.

Interesting tips to note when solving multiplicative comparison word problems

We have very interesting tips to note when solving multiplicative comparison word problems here. As a matter of fact, solving such problems is just as simple as solving a regular multiplication problem. Nonetheless, a few expressions in a multiplicative comparison word problem differ from a normal multiplication problem. Some of these expressions include:

As many times as ……   

How many times taller, longer, bigger, ….. etc.

N.B. Any two factors and their products can be read as a comparative statement. 

For instance 3 x 10 = 30 can be read as 30 is 3 times as much as 10.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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