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> Probability worksheets Grade 6

Probability worksheets Grade 6 will offer the best practice for kids as they find the probability of outcomes, events, or combinations of outcomes and events. These worksheets are exciting and very useful at the same time. This is because it explains the fundamentals of probability and how they can be applied in the real world. Before we move on, let's understand what probability is. So, what is probability in math?

In simple words, "probability is the likelihood of an event to occur." We cannot predict every event with certainty. Hence, our differentiated worksheets will offer remarkable and fun probability exercises colorfully designed with dice, spinners, and many more. These exercises include: counting principles, probability of one event, making predictions, probability of simple event, probability of mutually exclusive events and overlapping events, compound events find the Number of outcomes by counting, etc.

Probability worksheets with answers 6th Grade

Engage your kids in these fantastic probability worksheets with answers 6th Grade and enjoy them solving probability exercises progressively, i.e., from understanding the probability principle to mastering how different types of events apply to the probability principle. Moreover, our probability worksheets Grade 6 consist of a solution and answer sheet each, guiding 6th graders in a step-by-step solving process. Above all, this answer sheet will help kids immediately identify their mistakes if they solve them wrongly.

To enjoy solving our probability worksheets efficiently, let's begin by learning the formula for calculating the probability of an event. We can express this probability formula as "dividing the favorable number of outcomes by the total number of expected outcomes of the event."

Probability = favorable outcomes / Total Number of outcomes


P(A) = 
Number of favorable outcomes to A
Total Number of possible outcomes

However, with constant practice of Grade 6 probability worksheets, you'll quickly master and use the probability formula in math and many areas of life. Above all, you'll equally discover other formulas like the probability formula with addition rule, multiplication rule, and lots more.

Download worksheets
Counting principles
Counting principles worksheet
Probanility of one event
Probanility of one event worksheet
Make predictions
Make predictions worksheet
Probability of simple event
Probability of simple event worksheet
Probability of mutually exclusive events and overlapping events
Probability of mutually exclusive events and overlapping events worksheet
Compound events find the number of outcomes by counting
Compound events find the number of outcomes by counting worksheet

What are the objectives of probability worksheets Grade 6 in math and in real life?

Most people may love to find out what the objectives of probability worksheets Grade 6 in math and real life are. Before then, we would like to recall that probability relates to chance. With chance, something might happen or might not. So, our objective in this resource is to ensure that 6th graders:

  • Understand the idea of likelihood.

  • Should be able to manipulate all math formulas for probability and relative frequency.

  • Can effectively calculate possible outcomes.

  • Make appropriate predictions of events in math and real life, especially in case of weather reports, blood samples, predicting the sex of the baby in the womb, congenital disabilities, etc

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