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Estimating products word problems - Fifth Grade

Word problems on estimating products with answers

Practice the best way of estimating products word problems 5th grade with this super amazing online word problems on estimating products with answers.

In real life, estimating quotients is part of our everyday experiences. For this reason, you’ll realize that estimation does not only help you check the reasonableness of an answer, but also useful in so many areas both in real life and in math.

For instance, when you are shopping in a grocery store and trying to stay within a budget or splitting the cost of dinner between a certain number of friends, estimation skills will obviously come into play.

In addition to this, your kids will be taught how to estimate time, distance etc. Such estimation skills will enable them to make a better sense of word problems as well as boast their reasoning skills both abstractly and quantitatively.

How do we estimate products mentally?

Before finding out how do we estimate products mentally, we must understand what multiplication and estimating products is.

Let’s all recall that, multiplication is all about finding the product of two factors in a sentence or word problem. Now, sometimes, we want to quickly guess the range of a product in a word problem without following its normal solving procedure. This guess is however called estimating products.

So, moving to the best tricks of mentally estimating products, we begin by first of all rounding the factors to the nearest ten, hundred or thousand, then multiply the rounded factors.

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