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Estimating quotient word problems - Fifth Grade

Explain how to estimate quotients in word problems

Sometimes, finding an exact answer to a division problem may not be required. In this case, our estimating quotient word problems grade 5 are here to offer your kids all the skills necessary to use compatible numbers and rounding to estimate quotients.

To get started therefore, we will progressively explain how to estimate quotients in word problems to your kids in a clear and simple way.

Given that estimation is close to the actual answer, you’ll actually discover so many reasons here why we estimate quotients in math and in real life. As one of the reasons, estimation helps you check the accuracy of your work as well as solve harder division problems easily.

Quick guides towards easy estimating quotients.

Knowledge on estimation is a perfect way to enhance your kid’s mental math skills. In this light, we will provide them with quick guides towards easy estimating quotients.

As you begin to estimate your quotient, you need to first of all round off the divisor and the dividend to the nearest tens, hundreds or thousands. In fact you need to round your dividend to a nearby number that can be divided evenly by the divisor. When this is done, you can now divide the rounded numbers.

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