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Fractions of whole word problems grade 4 - Fourth Grade

Fraction word problems 4th grade with answers

Find here the best place to practice how to solve fractions of whole word problems grade 4. This concept is fundamental as it tells you what portion of a whole you need, has, or want. In line with this, our fraction word problems 4th grade with answers have been designed with the best and most familiar fraction situations that will inspire and enrich your kid’s fraction skills.

Hence, we encourage every kid to have constant practice with our fun resource, wherein they’ll experience so many uses of fractions in real life. Some of which include;

Also, fractions are used in baking to tell how much an ingredient to use. We use fractions in telling/describing time; each minute is a fraction of the hour.

Most importantly, we frequently use fractions to analyze the performance of pupils in class, a particular player and team, etc. 


How can you tell what portion of a whole you have, want, need or is remaining

In this resource, you will be provided with captivating problems and fun tips on how can you tell what portion of a whole you have, want, need, or are remaining.

Firstly, we must recall that we present a fraction as one whole number called the numerator over another whole number called the denominator. So, when faced with word problem situations, you need to;

Subtract the “number of parts” you have, need, or want from the “total number of equal parts.”

Next, when you get your answer (difference), make it the numerator, while “total number of equal parts” becomes the denominator.

Finally, this numerator and denominator will become your answer (fraction).


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