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Subtracting two numbers up to five digits word problems - Fourth Grade

Five digit subtraction word problems

Grab the best tips for subtracting two numbers up to five digits word problems. In these our five digit subtraction word problems exercises, your kids will learn the easiest way to find what is left after taking one number away from the other.

As we know, real life is full of many opportunities for children to subtract. Some of which involve:  calculating balance after spending money at the supermarket, subtracting objects to know the total quantity left, etc.

Hence, we'll provide you with the best strategies for quick solving subtraction problems of all types. However, these strategies are helpful to enhance your kid’s mental subtraction skills as they’ll now begin to do quick calculations in their head when it comes to subtracting money or items from the other in the society.

Simple ways for subtracting bigger numbers from one another in real life

Find below here simple ways for subtracting bigger numbers from one another in real life. Always remember that each time you come across a word problem, carefully read at least twice for a perfect understanding.

Next, after having come out with your subtraction equation, place your numbers vertically, with the bigger number on top of the smaller number before subtracting. You must however make sure that the place values are lined up in columns, i.e. ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, etc.

Finally, working from left to right, subtract the bottom numbers from the top numbers. But if the bottom number is larger than the top number, you will need to regroup, i.e. borrow a value from the number in the column to the left before subtracting.

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