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Comparing fractions word problems - Sixth Grade

Examples of problems on comparing fractions

Help your kids to discover simple practical ways of comparing fractions word problems 6th grade. In line with this, we have designed fun examples of problems on comparing fractions with easy guided solutions and answers.

We should know that before now, your kids must have been acquainted with identifying fractions as well as partitioning shapes. As such, they will find it very easy to determine which fraction is larger and which is smaller.

Before we move on, we must admit the many importance of comparing fractions skills in real life. One of such is comparing sales of market items. For instance an item of 75% off its cost price is cheaper than that with 60% off.

What is the easiest strategy used to compare fractions problems?

To perfectly get acquainted with fractions comparison, you need to know what is the easiest strategy used to compare fractions problems.

First of all, you must recall that a fraction has two parts, namely; numerator and denominator. Hence, our comparing fraction skills will depend on the equality of the fractions’ numerators or denominators.

Now given two or more fractions with the same denominators, it is usually very easy to compare. As a matter of fact, the fraction with a larger numerator is the larger fraction. For instance; 8/15 < 13/15.

Furthermore, in order to compare two fractions with equal numerators, then the fraction with a smaller denominator is greater, and vice versa.

Above all, your kids will become very smart in comparing fractions when they continue to add, subtract, multiply and dive fractions.

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